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Far, far be it from us to mock injuries to college athletes, particularly those sustained by Bruins quarterbacks, all of whom seem to have been born under the same Mr. Glass constellation. But after learning that Ben Olson has injured himself again, this time while backing away from the center, we did a little digging through the UCLA medical archives, and there's significant evidence to merit assigning minders to all incoming signal-callers:

2007: Recently unsealed medical records indicate that Patrick Cowan's knee problems were an aggravation of a previous injury sustained while reenacting the mattress surfing scene from Disney's Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement:

1991: Tommy Maddox sits out the entirety of spring practice after overturning a campus vending machine in an attempt to procure an extra can of Fresca.

1988: Troy Aikman is rushed to the hospital after ingesting a packet of silica gel he found in his new cleats, misses week of practice leading up to USC but recovers in time to take the field.

1984: Steve Bono undergoes season-ending surgery to his left foot after becoming entangled in a mall escalator.

1983: Rick Neuheisel is held out of the Arizona State game following a "Sun-In incident."

1972: Mark Harmon misses four games with a sprained face.

1966: Gary Beban slices off entire left hand opening a can of pears, is held out of Rose Bowl.

1961: Billy Kilmer misses the College All-Star Game after dislocating his shoulder while removing tags from a new mattress.

1943: Records from this time period are spotty, indicating only that Bob Waterfield did not play in the first two games of the season due to "freckles".

In all seriousness, for rills: This does suck, we're in no way looking forward to playing a UCLA team that's at anything less than full strength, because where's the fun, and we wish a speedy and actual recovery to Olson and the rest of the Pac-10 QB casualties.