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Every now and then Notre Dame's administration does something so absolutely bitchwhittled it boggles the mind and forces us to do things like make up completely fake words like "bitchwhittled" to capture just how stupid, misguided, and heavy-handed said thing is.

This? Astonishingly bitchwhittled. The litmus test for something being bitchwhittled is imagining Betty White, and then imagining Betty White seeing the event/affair/concept in question, and then imagining if she would discharge bullets into said thing.

For the record, Betty White thinks this thing is utterly bitchwhittled.

Big ups to fate for making us defend something a Clausen didn't even clearly do, though it's probably a good guess he's drinking beer there, which underage college students do frequently. Though, it should be noted, they usually don't have a special garment for beer drinking, though that is kind of a cool idea. "Beersworthy! Fetch me my drinking jacket!"

(HT: Deadspin, which is kind of like shouting out the water company for your last glass of H2O, but there we are.)