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CURIOUS INDEX, 7/30/2008

"You got a good looking witch hunt here." I mean that. I blame witches. Used to coulda burned 'em, back in my day. Damn FDR liberals took that away from us, along with the right to run down pedestrians with your hansom cab and our sweet, sweet Indochinese opium.

MaconDawg calls it "a one-sided hack job," while Black Shoe Diaries calls it "a hit job." It seems less malicious to us than either of these: how about, "preteens rolling the house of an old man seen doddering toward the end of his driveway exactly once a day." Meanwhile, the Iowa case fades from the screen thanks to its not being close to either New York or Los Angeles despite the fact that it involves far more spectacular charges on the part of the adults in charge.

First things first:Yes, we see this, and points a-plenty to be had if--if--it all adds up. Update pending.

Big East Media Days were way more fun than they should have been, Vol. 1: Jim Leavitt, speaking at a gentle 65 decibels, delivered one of Microphone Season's only real stabs after blowing out four microphones and causing the front row of assembled media to cower at the back of the room. His answer when asked about facing new coach Bill Stewart of West Virginia: "He's got a great reputation, because he is who he is. He's a down-to-earth, good person, loves the game. ... The people who wonder on how he'll be (compared) with Rich are nuts. This guy's probably better than Rodriguez. I'm worried about him. We beat Rodriguez. We haven't gotten this guy. This guy worries me. I wish Rich would have stayed. But he didn't, so we'll have to go play Michigan now." Jim Leavitt, like Jim Harbaugh, bows to no man. Now if you'll excuse him, he's got to go wash some uniforms, and not because he's still looking for someone to take the job he did in the early days of his program, but you know, just because it clears his head after a long day, you know? The smell of fabric softener warms even the hardest man's heart, you know?

Big East Media Days were way more fun than they should have been, Vol. 1: Pat White, known for meowing and getting nibbles from Erin "Now Packing Heat Thanks To The Internet" Andrews, may now add "awesomely candid" to his resume. "In my knowledge of West Virginia baseball, there's not been many players of my race on his team. He's not too high on it. "Every player I've talked to doesn't like him. He's not a well-liked coach but I guess he has tenure so they never got rid of him. They're not successful at all."

In response, West Virginia baseball supporters said "AH'VE HAD ENUFF OF WHOO'S-SAAAIN," and then pointed furiously at yellow "Remember the Troops" stickers on the back of their trucks.

Miami will have as many as seven of their monstrous recruiting class NOT on hand for day one of practice due to eligibility concerns. They have eligibility concerns. This is the other piece of news out of this story.