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You know what would be great? Seriously: let's get Charlie to sing the National Anthem "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at a Cubs game! That'd be a great idea! The people will be clamoring for him, and it'll all go so well. Just put him out there and the magic will...

...and that was fun! SMQ gives credit for Weis for staying cool, but really, that's a bare minimum, isn't it? If he were to pitch a fit and scream at baseball fans Lee Elia-style, he'd earn status as our favorite ND coach of all time, but that's not necessarily an honor you want, no? Even if it meant rightfully scolding a fanbase who pays tons of cash to show up and watch their team get kicked in the teeth for decades on end playing a game that, inshallah, will be dead in thirty years?

At least he didn't have to read the lyrics off of note cards. Weis does deserve credit for not stooping to that, at least. Hell, we could sing "Take Me Out To the Ball Game," and we think baseball is a sport for those with traumatic brain injuries incapable of processing faster, more invigorating sports like football, rugby, backgammon, or scrapbooking.