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Tom O'Brien loves ABBA. We thought we just might come right out there and say that before anything else happens here. (HT: Bill.)

Later, O’Brien owned up to his ABBA addiction: “‘Dancing Queen’ is just hard to sit down to.”

Before ye cast any stones, consider two key facts. First, Tom O'Brien is a Marine, and therefore probably by category tougher than 98 percent of you currently not in ninja school or reading this on a laptop from the back of your donkey somewhere in the Hindu Kush as you travel in your duties as a Green Beret or SEAL. Even in aluminum foil loingerie (male version), he's tougher than you are.

See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the Dancin' Queen. Pic by Eagle Talon over at BC's Scout board.

Second, "Dancing Queen" is a damn catchy matter who's covering it...


Salma and Sabina Agha in Hindi:

Diablo (wooo AH AH AH AH):

The original. And please, appreciate the men's shirts. The video gets richer by the second if you do