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Giant Trev! Bring back the sun! PLEAAAAAASE!!!

This time Godzilla Trev discusses teams of potential mass improvement, all while standing astride the Jimmy Carter/Moreland interchange and getting tangled in powerlines.

Trev takes his most improved from the ACC, a daring move because saying a team with a dedicated coach, an improved recruiting base, and an ACC schedule can go 7-5 is like saying a WAC team can go 10-2 with a huge offense and favorable schedule. In other words, it is something that can happen every year. Fine call on UNC, though: they'll be vastly improved if for no other reason than a dimunition of powers at Boston College (breaking in new qb) and another rebuilding year for NC State (whose offense last year was 98th in the nation and won't likely improve this year.)

In the parity-tastic ACC, it's usually about stealing someone else's food, something UNC could easily start to do this year. Georgia Tech, though? Ai-yuh, Trev. That's some ugly right thurr, son, especailly with depleted lines and seven of their top tacklers gone. Endorse them at your own risk, Trevzilla, you car-crushing tower of wonder, you.