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Crash forever! Pete Carroll was involved in a fender-bender yesterday, but is okay per USCRipsit, the blog that understands that you can seriously post about damn anything on the web about someone's chosen team, and they will find it interesting. (This will be one of the key points in our discussion at CoSIDA's convention in Tampa next week. Seriously. No lie. We're speaking to SIDs about blogs and not bringing a flak jacket. Check the schedule if you don't believe us.)

Carroll described the vehicle as "white, red, driven by Jim Harbaugh, and traveling exactly 41 miles per hour."

No comment on Pete's Facebook page...yet.

YES, THE LEMON PARTY. Oops Pow's mindmeld with JoePa is so convincingly accurate we're not sure he actually isn't Jay Paterno blogging under a pseudonym.

Offered without comment which is a comment in itself. Alex Daniels, the Minnesota football player who took a cell phone video of a teammate having sex with an unconscious woman last year and was summarily dismissed from the team, is getting approval from the administration at Cincinnati to enroll and play football for the Bearcats.

Also offered without comment:

When asked if he were concerned about public relations fallout if Daniels joins the UC team, Kelly said: "If he was charged with a crime, I would be concerned, but he was never charged with a crime. What we're dealing with here is bad judgment ...

FAH Q Seating, Sponsored by Hummer. Kansas is busy selling 56 enormous blue, white, and red plush leather chairs in the south endzone for $2,500 a piece, showing both creativity on the part of the athletic department in the field of innovative appeals to the vulgar rich and willingness to kill whatever "excitement" they wanted to create in the endzone by stuffing it with tacky barcaloungers. Four words for creating an exciting gameday environment: steep bleachers, angry people.

Randy Shannon wasn't going down this road anyway, but one tactic potentially used at Miami in the past just got a bit less viable.