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We've had delicious combos in life: vodka and champagne cocktails (the infamous "Stoli/Bolli" combo), Wuerffel to Anthony, being knee-deep in student loan and credit card debt, and that most exquisite of combos, the intestinal virus/stomach flu combo turning a normally continent human being into a double barreled cannonade of bodyfoul. Thanks, Nepal!

Never though have we pulled off the bifecta quite like Xavier Hicks, Jr. did this week. Hicks, whom you may remember most recently as the teammate who kindly assisted another Washington State Cougar with his contact lenses by pouring rubbing alcohol into them, was pulled over for driving on a suspended license on the way home from serving a 45 day sentence in jail.

Who did this? Me, that's who!

A misdemeanor ticket was issued, and Hicks did not have to return to jail, where he had just served a combined term for the rubbing alcohol incident and a separate fun credit card incident. He does, however, pick up two points for Washington State in the Fulmer Cup, with the additional point coming for the undeniably stylish feat of getting pulled over on the way home from jail, a combo comparable to being caught paying for a prostitute with your wife's credit card.