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Hulk love his lawyer Murray Abramowitz of Abramowitz, Hagen, Howard, Stern and Kern. Murray always send birthday card, remember birthday. MURRAY MAKE HULK RAGE WITH HAPPINESS for good service. HULK APPROVE AND PAY PROMPTLY!

Murray do too good of job sometime. Like Hulk when he mean smash bad man with meteorite and accidentally poison city block with radiation. HULK VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT!!! Hulk direct inquiries to ACE ATTORNEY MURRAY ABRAMOWITZ. Hulk decline further comment.

Murray send Hulk pic. Hulk view with new iPhone 3G. HULK RICH! Hulk smash first two typing email before getting hang of it. HULK FINGERS BREAK PHONE! Hulk get hang of it, though.

Murray say this actionable. Hulk look.

Murray be like Hulk! Want smash fair use of image for satire. HULK LAUGH! Hulk appreciate use of image for purposes make laugh. Also like comparison between Hulk, Les Miles. Les Miles also able live through being bombarded with nuclear radiation! Hulk make Stillwater Oklahoma joke! HULK PUNCHY TODAY!

Hulk tell Murray relax and have colada. Murray say abuse of image. Hulk know value of image! HULK NOT TOLERATE OVEREXPOSURE! Hulk show Murray real worry for Hulk. Hulk see on gas pump this weekend. HULK SMASH GAS STATION AND TAQUITO ROLLER WHEN HULK SEE IT! Blame agent, not Hulk.

HULK WANT FIRE AGENT AFTER SEE THIS! Icy sugar juice flavored with corn syrup. Hulk not approve of American slavery to corn lobby. CORN FOR PIGS NOT MEN! Hulk also disapprove of HFCS as sweetener.

Radiation not funny, either! Radiation turn nice man Bruce Banner into ME! HULK ANGRY AT COMMERCIAL OVEREXPLOITATION, MISUNDERSTANDING OF GAMMA RADIATION! Classroom need moment of science! Hulk support education reform along with close celebrity friends Laurence Fishburne, George Clooney. Fundraiser later this month in Aspen! THIS NOT HELP!

Hulk also not believe gall to offer free taquito with three. WHO BUY THREE TAQUITO AT 7-11! Hulk think if want to die, faster ways, like fight with The Abomination or bullet through head. HULK DISAPPOINTED IN USE OF NAME AS VERB! HULK MEAN "SMASH!," NOT "EAT FOUR TAQUITOS WHILE DRINK GREEN CORN SYRUP IN CAR!"

Hulk not this angry since Ed Norton write boring drama script. Try turn Hulk into dramatic vehicle. HULK HATE WRITER/ACTOR/DIRECTOR COMBOS! Specialization key to all industrial success. Why not Yale man understand? HULK HATE POMPOUS ASSBAG YALIES. He lack definition in American History X, too. Hulk needed work at time! Could have personal trained!

Hulk conclude. HULK TALK WITH AGENT AFTER GET BACK FROM TURKS AND CAICOS! First Hulk enjoy last day with date for week on beach. HULK NOT KISS AND TELL! Hulk totally tell: Lauren Conrad. Hulk finally find woman to accomodate special size requirement! Hulk now slightly daunted!