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Someone's got a cruuuuush! The Columbus Dispatch faithfully recounts the weights and measures of some guy named Terrelle Pryor. Squeeze the pathos from between the lines: "He is off-limits to the media, per NCAA rules, until fall practice begins Aug. 4. He did not return numerous phone messages last week."

Sunday Morning Quarterback examines Bruins Nation's expectations game and its evolution from the Dorrell regime to the advent of Neuheisel. It being SMQ, the piece is well-researched and well-reasoned; it being Bruins Nation he's talking about, that's not going to matter, At All. Duck and cover, Hinton: The advantage of running a single-issue blog is developing a hive mind that is very, very good at squalling in perfect unison.

Remember that Texas-Oklahoma ball-ripping bargfight? (This might help.) A civil suit has now been filed against the Sooner fan and the bar where the fight took place. This bears mentioning here because, in the process of reporting on the proceedings, the AP unearths the following piece of information: "The lawsuit mentions 'a possible connection to a local sports rivalry.'" Huh.

Look! A Sporting News list of the Top 5 rivalries of all time, in any sport! And two of them are college football rivalries! One or two of you might have something to say about this. Go on, now.

Finally...since the last time I ran this circus, Cookin' with Coolio has finished its (first?) run of ten episodes. Please tell me one of you won the autographed bell pepper.