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CURIOUS INDEX, 6/13/2008

Team Tiger! Our Fearless Leader runs down every fan's essential offseason guide---Mascots You'd Want On Your Side In A Barfight---at The Sporting News. [UPDATE: And here's the list of those you don't.]

Tiger fights: Not just for candy-ass Discovery Channel eggheads.

This Thing Is Like That Other Thing: The Big XII as potato chips? Never having heard of half these brands, we will rely on you, Dear Readers, to tell us how right or wrong this went.

Via EDSBS indispensable cohort Ragin' Cajun Rebel: Perpetual non-qualifying machine Jerrell Powe and new SEC regulations.

"Basically, the SEC's initial eligibility rules will generally mirror the NCAA's, which allow some non-qualifiers to attend school and try to get their grades up before competing," Boone said. "The one caveat is that any non-qualifier still has to be approved by the (SEC) commissioner."


But with the change, it will become slightly easier for non-qualifiers to attend an SEC school for the first year and receive no athletic financial aid while focusing on the classroom - which is consistent with NCAA rules.

If after the first year of college, the non-qualifier has satisfied NCAA academic requirements, he would be allowed to play and receive athletic aid beginning in the second year.

This looks good for Powe. And no matter what your opinion of the matter is, you have to respect his tenacity.

The Fighting Illini, enjoying their high expectations? This kind of thing has never ended badly for a Zook squad, ever, so they should feel pretty comfy.

The Wolverine Liberation Army dispenses pretty much exactly the kind of propaganda you would expect, but with the added bonus of iconography. They also list EDSBS and Black Heart Gold Pants as "mouthpieces of the enemy", which is never a bad sign. Careful video research indicates that wolverines aren't all that into comradeship, but it's Friday, brah; let's all be brothers: