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Ole Miss is refurbishing in more than just the coaching department, skipping past the $1200 flat-screen you likely chose for your homestead and going to the $6 million Daktronics HD set. You would have gotten that one if you had any balls, but let us tell you that it's not all it's purported to be: once you sweat the $6 mil, you've still got to pay for all the broken windows you'll have--hordes of bugs are trying to get to his thing, and they're not letting a little double-insulated glass stand in the way of orbiting their LED-fueled light-god.

Did we mention we haven't slept in a month, and that it heats your living room to a cool 142 degrees Fahrenheit? You should see Animal Rescue Houston on this thing, though. The mange is mind-blowing.

It's about time Ole Miss made the upgrade, though. The old scoreboard was starting to look a bit antediluvian. (Pic contains one suggestive image of a sexual nature in tiny, tiny detail. Be advised.)

It was worse before the beer coozy-shaped hot tub with Cooper Manning in it was removed from the board's top prior to the 2005 season. (HT: Ragin' Cajun Rebel.)