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AD Kevin White takes off after eight years as the Athletic Director at Notre Dame for the job at Duke, where "three or four times a years I'll drink a heckuva lot less coffee," according to Kevin White. We think this means that barring another mock-rape scandal, he's joining David Cutcliffe on the low-stress Blue Devil retirement gravy train.

Notre Dame says there's no time table for replacing White. Given the speedy pace of Catholic bureaucracy, this means the next Notre Dame AD will be announced sometime around the year 2201. Trojan Wire, ever solicitous of Irish affairs, wonders if this means future trouble for Weis, but most of the Irish fans we know think the trustees have more power over Weis' fate than the AD.

This and much more in a large Fulmer Cupdate later this a.m. It's just massive how many charges and points will have to be assessed in a single blow. It's downright Switzer-esque. We don't know how you even begin to craft a legal defense about a charge involving putting a pillow over someone's face while they sleep. "Oxygen suppression therapy?"

Kirk Ferentz, done Training Day style.

Target! Cain't top that, homey! In case you wonder just how tiny Oxford, Mississippi is, they're just now getting their first Target. Starkville has its own small town quirks, too; according to Kanu, you could write a check at Burger King there as recently as 1995.

I can't put my fist in your childhood dreams. Good to see rap songs decoded to their basic units of meaning, especially by a guy in pleated shorts. (NSFW, but only because a chorus of "SHOW ME YOUR GENITALS" is NSFW, right?)

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