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Nick Saban is still pissed about the "Nick Saban" rule that bans coaches from visiting up-and-coming seniors in their schools in May. We only hope we are associated so much with the abuse of a rule one day that a counter-rule involving our name is created to prevent us engaging in said behavior. Lord Sauron himself:

“I understand why they did it,” Saban said. “It was because everybody was paranoid about what everybody else is doing. I got turned in all kind of times because I was supposedly doing this and that and I wasn’t doing it. I was just watching practice and evaluating players, which is part of our job.”

The comment comes from the SEC elbow-rub down in Destin this week. Hopefully someone warned the Donut Hole about Phil coming, but we suspect they have the date circled on the calendar.

Nebraska still pines for the mighty fullbacks of yesteryear. The best part about runs like Tom Rathman's highlight reel below is their immediacy: no lurch from the linebackers, no lineman sweeping out: instead, immediate contact at the line of scrimmage from the biggest nastiest players on the field. The boxing comparison would be having two heavyweights starting the fight with their first punch already cocked and then immediately unloading.

SMQ takes a look at Murrahland and concludes that--huzzah!--you can hope to get back to .500! See, you came from nothing, and now you're going back to nothing! Always look on the bright side of life!

It's not relevant, but it's appropriate, right? In an article on Iowa State players attempting to make it in the NFL in the Iowa State Daily, there's an odd and incorrectly placed picture...that now that you look at it for a while, well, makes for a pretty good summary of Iowa State football.

Since Seneca Wallace, yes, that sums it up.

An Iowa football retrospective......of their recent arrests. City Boyz Inc, mourn ya till we join ya, lawya.