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Beersworthy! My checkbook, please.

We thought they only cared about football. Vanderbilt is investing $50 million in new facilities over the offseason, presumably looking up from their morning FT, stretching their polo-toned legs ahead of themselves, and signing an enormous checkbook held on a silver platter by a white-gloved man with a charmingly English name like Nigel or Beersworthy.

The fundraising is not a surprise: they're smart people, Bobby Johnson's had the longest sustained period of relative success in recent program history (you're still 1911's bitch, Bobby!) and they want to strike a competitive balance between academics and competition, blah blah blah. Good for them. The funny part comes from the Orlando Sentinel's blog post on the story:

Because, after all, having the best hospital in Tennessee in more important to Vandy than having the best football team in the state.

You sick, sick bastards, you. Call us when you get your priorities in line, Vanderbilt. Sick people don't win football games. Champions do.