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Tommy Tuberville, Charlie Weis, Mark Richt, Randy Shannon, and some dude who coaches at Yale are currently in the Middle East touring military bases. Osama, watch your fucking knees.

(Seriously, this a very nice thing of coaches to do, and bully to them for it, because they really don't have to do this as wealthy, overpaid men with lots of money, etc, etc.)

Mark Richt is having a globetrotting offseason, having just finished up a Honduran mission trip. (No circumcisions, reports Quinton.) The pictures depict Richt lounging in a downright Dennis Erickson-esque golf cart of death, though, further proof Evil Richt is in the house and taking no crap.

Volcanoes, beware: Evil Richt has wheels.

ESPN will film the opening for GameDay at USF and has requested the wearing of "generic" shirts to the shoot. Fuck 'em USF fans: singlet guy wouldn't go there without Bulls gear on, and neither should you. In fact, if you can take over the whole production by force, do so. Depose Big and Rich--"The red states love country with a hip-hop flair!"--and insist they use something, anything else as the theme. Khia's "My Neck, My Back" (TNSFW) would be fine, for all we care. Just stop the WANNA LITTLE CHANG IN YOUR CHING CHANG! plague that has afflicted our college football nation for oh so long at this point. You're our last hope, USF. Make it happen.

The recruit gave our titties four thumbs down. Lydon Murtha decommitted from Minnesota and upped with Nebraska. One reason was better fit; another had something to do with a visit to a strip club.

On Murtha's recruiting visit to Minneapolis in December, his hosts took him and a group of recruits to a strip club. The recruits were given wristbands at a bar so they could drink for free. Murtha didn't like it. He decommitted, visited Nebraska and fell in love with the place.

With the native Scandinavian/German populations in both places, it is difficult to imagine a significant difference in Valkyrie-quality ta-tas between Lincoln and Minneapolis. The key factor here must be price, as strip clubs have to be more affordable in Lincoln.

Virginia Tech has dropped a scholarship offer to Peter Rose, who slid headfirst into a marijuana charge this past weekend.

Pete Carroll continues his freewheelin' ways by Jaywalking around campus.

This made us very uncomfortable watching it--perhaps because we are from the South, and thus uncomfortable with our football coaches doing anything but watching tape, making players sweat pure tears, and giving taciturn looks at short, awkward press conferences. But this is Pete's world, and we're living in it, but that's cool 'cause you know, he's like, totally cool with that. (Note: no profanity, meaning COACH Rick Neuheisel may only use the "Do you want a football coach who wastes his time TALKING TO PEOPLE?" as a countermeasure against USC.)