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Thanks to all for the outstanding effort in the charity drive for disaster relief. $20K doesn't just fall out of the sky every day, but you made it rain not in the name of titties and beer, but for a cause almost as good as, um, titties and beer. Michigan and Ohio State deserve special mention for their huge contributions, a testament both to your earning power and your hatred for your rivals. Well-played all around; please enjoy the maize and blue layout for today in honor of Michigan's generosity. Hail to the victors.

Due to a hellaciously busy day of feature and freelance work, the CI is likely all that's here today. A pile of cheese to you all, but the time management thing has been eight bitches in a bitch boat this week.

Ryan Perrilloux will be going to Jacksonville State to play college football, and the open slot at the qb spot for the Gamecocks of the Yellowhammer State came about due to--ah, life, you always win--disciplinary problems for the last qb.

The Gamecocks' starter from last season, Cedric Johnson, was kicked off the team after the season for violating team rules. Two other quarterbacks left the team and another graduated. That left only two signees to fill the slot.

"For me to remove the best offensive player we had and maybe the best in the league for disciplinary reasons and then compromise on this one ... would be crazy," Crowe said.

Blog buddy RCR points out Perrilloux will be close enough to keep an eye on terrorists who might threaten the space program at Huntsville, and also will be able to take advantage of space camp if he liked while he was there. We hated kids who got to go to space camp with a stabbing envy. That has little to do with this story, but dammit, we've wanted to say that for years. We hate you all, you lucky bastards.

Frank Solich re-establishes his scholarship fund at Nebraska. Let the healing begin, but beware any margaritas doled out at any and all ceremonies surrounding the lovefest.

Bobby Bowden has no idea what's going on. If you didn't know this before, well, you know it now.

Rick Neuheisel doesn't want to comment on "rumors" about him pushing the Brennan Carroll video on recruits as an example of all the bad words and ruthless evil they'd get playing across town. Rick Neuheisel just wants to dance! Are you ready to dance? YAY!