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When a teammate dies tragically in an accident, you mourn. You listen. You hold those around you close and share the unbearable pain of loss. You take one of the dead people's credit card and use it to buy shit for six months. You get arrested for it when the parents notice their dead daughter has been buying stuff for six months despite being dead.

Jamar Hornsby: creative financing available.

Jamar Hornsby of Florida followed this unique plan for mourning the loss of a teammate and a Florida student closely enough: somehow, after the death of Florida walk-on Michael Guilford and Florida student Ashley Slonina in a motorcycle wreck in October 2007, Slonina's credit card ended up in the hands of Hornsby, who then revered the memory of the young lady by purchasing goods on the credit card for six months. Slonina's parents finally noticed recently, and an investigation led to the beyond-classy Hornsby.

OS: Extra icing, please thank you very much life?

Life: Three scoops coming up, sir.

The card abuse started Oct. 13, 2007, the day after the girl's death, according to court records and involved a BP gas card.

Ah, thanks life. You never force us to make things up, instead just giving us real and improbably terrible things. Hornsby is charged with credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card, which we imagine are both felonies. That's three points times two for each felony charge plus the bonus point for using a dead girl's credit card the day after she died and with one bonus point for it being a Florida Gator and therefore homer-shameful to us personally, and we take that to eight points for Florida, putting them on the big board in a fashion so tacky no amount of exponents can cover it.

Oh, and you there, we'll say it for you "WAAAAAAHHHH you're giving Florida points because you want to win." Mr. Astoundinglystupidworth, if using a dead girl's credit card the day after she died only gets two bonus points we should consider ourselves lucky for only getting eight points. Redux: you don't want to win this thing. It's not good. Perhaps that's a point worth repeating from time to time: it's not good to win the Fulmer Cup. It's not good to win the Fulmer Cup. By the way, it's not good to win the Fulmer Cup. For further reference, see: "Fulmer Cup: not good," or the Wikipedia entry "Fulmer Cup: Bad."

Extra fun update! How did Hornsby get the card? Simple. He took it when he was helping clean out the apartment with Joe Haden the day after the card owner died. Ashley Slonina. Joe Haden's girlfriend. The dead one. Oh, Jebus this is sad.