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Hawkins needs this outfit--especially the stick.

We really, really like Dan Hawkins, though it's the kind of like you have for your daffiest professor or most energetic neighbor who, after completing their 5:00 a.m. run and eating their carefully measured breakfast of berries, whole grains, and egg whites, comes over to your house to bring you a perfectly carved Chinese dragon he whittled out of some driftwood he just had laying around the workshop, you know.

Hawkins spoke with the John Lynch Foundation in Denver on Wednesday at a even referred to in the Rocky Mountain News as "Lynchfest," a name we guarantee you will never see for any event in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and a number of other states. Hawkins announced not only that Colorado will win a national title, they will do it in holistic and non-apartheidish manner.

"One of my heroes is Nelson Mandela. He has a word, it's called ubuntu. And ubuntu kind of embodies the whole mentality that we're all in this thing together," Hawkins told the group.

Wait, there's this, too: Hawkins is into Linux! Internet libertarian Paultardian dorks, you have your football program chosen for you.

(HT: Matt.)