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Fuck you, Fulmer!

Tennessee fans' attitude toward Phil Fulmer is much like their unique body odor: a layered, complex aroma of pungent, angry deer musk, sweet cinnamon bun odors from breakfast, the smoky country ham odor from lunch, and the angry bite of moonshine on the breath from the liquid dinner. It's hard to discern whether Tennessee fans are done with him and waiting for something better to come along, affectionate towards him because of the past, or stuck in a muddled, hammy mix of the two.

Except for this gentleman, of course.

A Signal Mountain man is facing an obscenity charge after displaying a sign on his car.

A sheriff's deputy who made the arrest said Jeremy Boyd Eaker, 20, of 7717 Sawyer Pike, had a sign reading: "F--- you, Fulmer."

The newspaper, because they filter reality into soft little edgeless nuggets for the fire-god-fearing mouthbreathing mer-tards who make up 72% of humanity, could not type the word "Fuck." That's just a guess: we would not be surprised if "F---" would get you arrested in Tennessee. Either way, we'll start a defense fund for the guy if you like us to. One paypal account against oppression at a time, internet soldiers. If a gentleman can't put a crude, handpainted sign telling a football coach to go ride porkpole in his front yard, then what do we live and die for, dammit?