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The Montana Meth Project represents a landmark of anti-drug advertising: it makes meth look awful while still managing to make the whole thing look somewhat flyover country-heroin-chic fabulous, a real accomplishment if we've ever seen one.

The evil mind lurking somewhere in the otherwise benign person of the Great Barstoolio saw this and did what innovators do: they innovatatatatate. We may or may not have chipped in with a few of these, but let us just say they represent some of the most disturbing and funny football/meth-themed farkery we've ever seen. You might be saying: isn't that a very small subset of work?

And we'd answer that we've been awake for 32 days, and have no idea what you just said.

Enjoy. Because if you can't laugh at meth, what can you laugh at, we ask? Besides genocide, that is. We've included four of them below: click over to Barstoolio's House of Romantic But Inevitably Fatal Tropical Evil for the rest.

Again: click here for the rest.