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The reefer man post was angling for Perrilloux rumors confirmation. None needed: the AP is reporting that Perrilloux is gone at last, having set fire to Les Miles house, eaten his dog, and then flossing his teeth with Mrs. Miles gold tennis bracelets failed a drug test, according to our sources.

This means that Perrilloux didn't just fail one test, of course: at Florida back in the 90s, Jason Williams failed no fewer than ten tests before he got the boot. We suspect the same range of drug testing leniency applied to the immensely talented AND stupid Perrilloux, as in RYAN WE ARE TESTING YOU IN A WEEK HERE'S SOME GOLDENSEAL AND A JUG OF WATER MIGHT WANT TO USE THESE HINT HINT HINT.

Good luck, sixty motherfucking million dollar man! It was fun knowing you. With Perrilloux, LSU was starting the season at the forty fucking yard line.

Without him, they're on the 20 with everyone else at best.