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Quick! Cheesecake before the weekend in the form of Ladies of Science Fiction. Apologies of the lack of Natasha Henstridge: we could not find a picture of her where she was not completely naked and/or disemboweling someone with her alien tentaclejaws.

Carrie Fisher in a metal bikini. Natch.

Proof of the value of a good outfit: Fisher was not that hot, per se, but rather on a leash and scantily clad. Fucked up two generations of young men who destroyed countless drapes, hangers, and soldering irons attempting to craft identical outfit for spouse.

Jeri Ryan, Star Trek Lucrative Spinoff

Yes, she was on Deep Space Nine. She also got into this outfit once for some reason, and her glamazon glory is what matters most here, not how you actually found her, nerd.

Famke Janssen

Not just notable for giving the right amount of measured distance to the fractured soul of Jean Grey in X-Men, but also for having an extremely nice ass. That's fresh papparazzo kill up there from the Sex And the City premiere, meaning she's in top form at this very instant.

Angela Bassett, but only in Strange Days.

The boots, the guns, the fact that a character pulls a gun on her, pulls the trigger, and when it clicks harmlessly she looks down and calmly says "Safety's on." It's a moment of hotness for her and a figure-hugging limo driver's outfit that won't quit the entire film.

Grace Park, Battlestar Galactica

A renaissance woman in that she is on the cerebral, dark BG, but will also pose in very little clothing for money to further her career. The boots are strictly utilitarian, btw.