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It is bad enough that Florida hasn't won against Miami since 1985. Now Ms. "Oooh, Look at me I was head of Health and Human Services" is talking shit.

"We don't admit thugs anymore. We do admit people that like to suntan, but those students are usually in the sun with a book in hand, and I think that's a difference people overlook," Shalala said. Right now UM is ranked at 52 and the University of Florida is ranked at 50, according to U.S. News & World Report. One of Shalala's goals is to not only get into the top 50, but to do so before the football game in fall, so "UM can beat UF twice."

OHHHH, IT IS ON BUREACRA-BITCH. Sure, you gave children access to health insurance with SChip, but Tim Tebow does not care about your puny bureaucratic accomplishments, nor your fine Ph.D from Syracuse University. We can take trash talk from the braided-up badasses from Miami Northwestern--respek, sirs--but yapping from a hobbit Clinton appointee? Warren Christopher gonna start some shit next, huh? (If so, Warren: Rwanda, asshole. Your bitch status=QEDMF.)

Don't start no shit, won't be no shit, Donna. But now you made us call Bob Graham and Bill Nelson, two dudes who bring bike chains and mad krues to the fight. There wasn't going to be blood, Donna, but now you gone and done it. Bernie Machen's gonna be waiting at the fifty with a stapler and a sack of nails...and not even your canny welfare reforms will save you, then.

P.S. See Barstoolio's entry for the RambutanShalala. Eerily similar.