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Connecticut is extremely precise with their degrees of badness in the criminal code. Blame that on having daffy Yale law so close by--how else does one get "sixth-degree larceny," a crime that seems just a hair off from "accepting a gift in an awkward fashion?" Whatever the hell "sixth-degree larceny" is, Connecticut cornerback Joshua Massey caught a case of it for taking exactly $31.34 worth of goods from the UConn co-op. We're betting it was blades for his nine-bladed razor, the Gillette Agent Orange ("Deforesting Your Face Nine Lethal Goddamn Blades at a Time.")

The Gillette Agent Orange: It's Like Deforestation For Your Face.

One point for UConn, whose measly total doesn't bring them close to the big board.

Perpetually fun Iowa tacks on a point for underage possession, and we don't mean the Roger Clemens type of underage possession. Defensive tackle Cody Hundertmark broke through the guard of local criminal code and got his hands on some booze, but was charged with holding and fined with fifteen yards and an underage charge. One point for Iowa, though the good news is that they did not lose a player in the incident.

And finally...100 parking tickets for Sam Baker during his time at USC. As someone who parked their car everywhere on the Florida campus, up to and including a primo spot in the aisle of the Latin American History section of Library West, and kept himself warm on cold winter nights by burning piles of parking tickets, we only have this word: hero.