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This week's update brought to you Brian, who as ever is hung like Reggie F'n Nelson. Clarifications, whining, and other bloggy-type questions await.

A slow week on the big board overall, presumably thanks to end-of-semester hecticness and a lack of spring-break style foolishness going on around the college world. We'd like to think this commanding lead in the Fulmer Cup standings means Missouri finally gets one shining moment all to itself. Unfortunately for them, Kansas fans have documented a number of shining moments in the history of Missouri athletics.

(HT: PeteJayhawk.)

If someone's interested in putting this together for Florida State, we'd be thrilled kthxok?

We're past the halfway point, meaning there's good news: you're more than halfway to next college football season. We'll wait for you.

Okay, now that you've kicked the front out of your desk in excitement, deep breaths. We still have a long summer to go, meaning we'll give odds on upcoming crimes we'll undoubtedly see over the next four months in the Cup.

30/1: Arson. A coveted charge for the collector, and usually one started not in a pyromaniacal way, either, but rather with fireworks, alcohol, and a moment of weakness when you let the Imp of the Perverse grab the wheel and steer. Leading suspect: Auburn. Middle of nowhere, drought conditions, and plenty of nuke-powerful fireworks to be had. When you see the smoke and a pickup truck fleeing a burning forest, you'll know what happened.

17/1: Counterfeiting. As long as Ryan Perrilloux is in this cup, this bet stays on the board. Leading prospect: LSU. Because it's Louisiana. More said would be wasted words.

6/1: FnDC. The classic, and one we haven't seen much of as yet. Fightin' 'n Da Club is a summer hit just waiting to happen, and when it does, the points rack up fast and furious. Leading suspects: Miami or Florida. If Miami gets involved in a fight in public, they will win nine games this season. If not, they win five.

3/1: DUI. The trusty CD in Fulmer Cup investments. Leading suspects: Tennessee. If the Vols claw their way back into the race, it will come by falling out of a car in full sight of a dashboard camera. We blame the state: we've never lived in a place where DUI was more commonly accepted as something that "just happened" when you were young, much like acne or wearing a regrettable button-down patterned shirt.