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EDSBS Live is on tonight, and our theme is: Doom. Cue the return of four questions!

Tonight's show, live from Mt. Doom.

1. What player spelled doom for your team? From our perpective, no name filled us with dread more than the words "Starting quarterback...Doug Johnson."

2. What is your career-ending injury? Ours would be a spectacular compound fracture of the tibia, like Joe Theismann, but not as side-splittingly funny.

3. What is the most doomed matchup you've ever watched? Nebraska versus Kansas, 1997. Ice storms. Flags flying stiff in the breeze. Temperature something like nine thousand below zero. It looked like they were playing football on Hoth, and the Huskers were playing the part of the AT-AT.

4. Name a doomed thing you love despite yourself. The entire city of Miami. It's going underwater in a hundred years, everyone hates everyone else, the primary product of the economy is dodging one form of government accounting or another, and parts of it are Port-au-Prince destitute and twice as dangerous.

And yet:

Doomed, and lovely.

See you at 9 tonight.