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Urban Meyer, on a gallivanting tour of the known world INCLUDING CINCINNATI!, addressed the Cincinnati Bearcats, told them they were on the way toward being a great team, national title contenders, all those other things you're supposed to say when the other coach asks you to talk to the team...but WHOA HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT:

Stuntin' like your daddy : he looks like Mark Spitz if he hadn't pansied out, put on a speedo, and spent a decade splashing around and staring at a line of black tiles on the floor, or perhaps a more charismatic, less retarded Phil McConkey, or even Tom Cruise, back when he was just a confused young pre-clear banging Mimi Rogers. Or, as the Maj suggests, a young Robert Kerman, better remembered as the dude from the opening scene of Debbie Does Dallas, a gifted man in his own right.