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Pete Carroll's Facebook status as of 8:22 a.m. EST was:

Pete doesn't strike me as a "Who's That Lady" guy; that guy was my dad, who'd roll the windows down, light up a Vantage cigarette, and put down the Ray-Bans and let the Izod and the newly-washed Chevy Caprice do the talking for him. Nor does he seem like an "It's Your Thing" guy, either, since that's too East Coast-sounding and a bit too close to Motown for his tastes.

Let's see: West Coast smooth production values, just enough funk, redeeming message of social justice, hand claps (you know a Pete Carroll song has to have hand claps)...ah, there it is.

It has to be "Harvest for the World."

OOOOOOOhhhhh Pete's TALKING 'BOUT THE CHIL-REN! Attempting to watch USC football ever again without seeing Pete Carroll clapping along with Ronald Isley talking about the children will be difficult to do, especially since you know he's probably got a game of Wii tennis going while simultaneously calling a particularly promising 11 year old linebacker out in a middle school in Glenwood.