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This is Haven Nutt, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt's daughter. When you post something like this, you have to remind people that when you post something on the internet, or in any digital medium, really, it's public and out there, even if it's you drunk on camera (again) talking about your fondness for the drinks at gay bars, or doing the Needham Hex, or Most Definitely Not Looking Gay In Public At All. If you don't want it out there, don't put it up.

With that said, it's a totally innocuous and funny crush-vid made by a teenage girl about Zac Efron, and aside from some intentionally atrocious lyrics, it's a sign that Houston Nutt is doing everything right as a parent, and that Haven really, really likes Zac Efron. She likes Zac Efron, and would like him to take his shirt off before she rots.

And word for word, we feel the exact same way about Zac Efron I mean, Beyonce Knowles. Make her happy, Jay, you filthy rich bastard! (HT: Friends of the Program.)