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Been to Kentucky? We have. The barbecue is underrated, the weather eats our ass, and combine Tennessee provincialism with Ohio squalor and your math for the place is complete. In other words, it's so bad you'd rob a cop just to get a thrill.

This is actually from the Redneck Games in Georgia, and has no relation to this story. Carry on.

This is a worse idea than you might realize:

Murray State quarterback Jeff Ehrhardt was charged with pushing a campus police officer and taking his ticket book. The athletic director called this "a prank gone bad."

Ehrhardt, a 20-year-old sophomore, was arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree robbery. He surrendered to the campus public safety office and returned the ticket book after a witness identified him.

Your moment in insane judicial overkill is sponsored by: Kentucky, the Bluegrass State. Second-degree robbery for robbing a cop? What is this, Soviet Russia! We now instantly award ourselves points for doubling up on a conservative blogger's version of Godwin's Law (first to mention Soviet Russia in comparision wins!) and for opening up the logical "In Kentucky, you rob cop. IN SOVIET RUSSIA, COP ROBS YOU!")

No Fulmer Cup points awarded due to Murray State not being a division one team. But it's cute and sad nonetheless.