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...for spring, at least, due to dropping a class and falling under 12 hours of registered classes. McKnight can't sneak in a few Spanish classes at the Taco Shack down the street and get back, USC? Que paso?

Dos burritos, por favor. Mi bacalao es un abogado por las mujeres que no tienen brazos. Cinco dolares para cincuenta Vicodin--solamente en Nuevo Laredo, amigo! Carlos, su esposa tiene DOS PERROS SE LLAMAN MAXIMILLIAN!!!

Helping McKnight get eligible again, Thursday nights at the Taco Shack from 6-9ish p.m.

See? Master these simple phrases and we'll all be jacked that your back. Pete Carroll included, who "doesn't think it can get much better than this... football practice and perfect weather," according to his Facebook profile.