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We are now all Mustangs. From the Wiz: If this video does not make you root for SMU this year, you are beyond hope.

As seen in the previous video clippins', you...well, you must love them. It's a moral imperative.

Kyle was on EDSBS Live last night, and had so many notes he compiled them into a post on why Georgia will win the MNC this year. He's right on one thing: striking a team off the list based on schedule alone is rank foolishness, especially when some of the surefire roadblocks on the schedule will likely curdle into disastrous pushovers before the end of the season. The gut pick for this year in the rolling disaster department in the SEC, at least in our minds, would be Auburn, who's immensely talented but installing new defenses and offenses, and that usually equals some early stumbles. Plus Tommy Tuberville looks entirely too comfortable for his own good over there: it ain't Auburn football without the knife at the coach's throat every five years or so.

Oh, and Georgia's o-line looks suspect and Matt Stafford completes around half of his passes as a college qb. Hell, the Sex Cannon himself did better than that. All of that may not matter, though: Knowshon Moreno exists in five dimensions, and is capable of disappearing into two of them at will. (He keeps the other one for storage. Handy, it is.)

The Big Ten network plans a springapalooza of its own, highlighting the conference's spring practices. The show is booked for three hours, but should come in more around the nine hour mark on the stopwatch.

Penn State boots Kahlil Chris Bell off the team for flashing a knife at a teammate, and that's probably all for the best. He wants to cut people, his teammates clearly object to being cut, and when you're dealing with incompatibilities like that a relationship will never work. Emo kids of the world! Kahlil Bell wants to cut you. You want to be cut! See? A foot for every slipper in this garden of earthly delights.

Buy Mark Mangino's house. Avoiding all jokes at his expense, we will just point out one detail from the virtual tour of the Kansas coach's house: like the Velvet Thunder should, he has the champizzle chillin' at the ready 24/7.

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