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What is this man saying? Quick, answer:

A. Go, Gators!
B. I will proudly stone the next woman who dares to learn to read!
C. Both

Hey, look! Even militant supporters of the radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and blue? Welcome? To the family, guys? If they don't get their autographed Tim Tebow Heisman jerseys stat, they're gonna make trouble like you've never seen. In the meantime, though, consider making substantial donations to the UAA's fundraiser this year. Just do it in cash through a third party, mind you, lest we get the Gator athletic department put on the terrorist watch list.

In related news, Pete Carroll has allied himself and USC with Kurdistan, and says he's "jacked" about a three-star but undervalued kicker who he's recruiting up in Erbil.

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