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According to, Urban Meyer is seeing maturation in his secondary, last seen waving their arms feebly and wailing, covered in flames, at the Capital One Bowl. We will believe this when we see Wondy Pierre-Louis successfully defend himself from a marauding gnat, much less a thrown pass (Brandon Cox, Passing Christ Superstar? Really, Wondy?), but that's what Urb's saying at least.

Yoo-hoo! Mr. QB! Right here! Throw it here!

UF coach Urban Meyer said one of the reasons for the defense’s turnaround this spring has been the maturity of his players and lack of what Meyer likes to call the “dope look,” or that confused look that young players are notorious for.

“Confused looks lead to bad players, bad teams, bad defense, bad offense, and I’m starting to see that disappear a little bit on defense,” Meyer said.

"Disappear a little bit?" There's hope in that phrase, babeee! It's dripping with optimism. So you're saying there's a chance of us us having a secondary next year? That little happy skylark following me around? You put it there, Urban, all by yourself.

If you can't watch the video yourself due to work-based productivity fascism, here's the summary: Emmanuel Moody, still surprisingly behind in learning the offense; Chris Rainey, woo!; more double-tight end sets next year thanks to Hernandez and Ingram making strides; Harvin's heel, iffy for the moment; Carlos Dunlap, blockwreckah on the d-line.