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We slammed a fifth of Powerthirst after waking up this morning, and the Curious Index is now the FURIOUS INDEX! Thus, it's only fair we start things off with something satisfyingly harsh, like Pantera in front of tens of thousands of angry Russians. Mind the language, of course, but it's likely your boss might care a bit more about the fact that it's Pantera than if an F bomb gets dropped. Plus you can't even understand any of the lyrics anyway.

Who the hell is "Terrelle Pryor"?: Recruiting minutia for those of you who care about this stuff... some Pryor kid, who seems more interested in basketball than football, has committed to the "University of Ohio State." aren't they in the MAC or something? Regardless, we expect this to have absolutely no effect on the college football world for the next four-five years. None whatsoever. We're certain that Michigan faithful would rise up with pitchforks and torches and throw Rich Rodriguez into Lake Huron in 2010 anyway. Anyway, worst kept secret turns into not secret at all, and the other members of the BXI now have their excuse why they plan to lose to Ohio State 90-0 for the next four years.

June Jones cares about defense, pants: An alert reader sends us this tip:

But here was the big surprise -- June Jones was coaching the defense. Seriously. I expected him to be right behind the quarterbacks talking to them about everything, but instead he had a notebook in his hand and after each play he'd flip it open and show something to the defense -- I'm guessing a formation he wanted them to line up in. He even lined up as the right end a few times and at the snap would take a couple of steps into the backfield, like a rusher.

Picture evidence, which is too large for the constraints of this site, is here. There is no denying, now, that SMU is controlling Jones like Scientology. First, the clothes: Jones, who used to dress like a bad mix of a Jimmy Buffett fan and Bernie Focker, is posing in suits with the SMU brass. Now the former Hawaii coach thinks he's a defensive guru. Don't be surprised when, by July, Tom Cruise hears June's name, thinks he's a girl, and instinctively gets him pregnant.

Did we say "aggravated murder by arson?" We mean "misdemeanor.": Charges against a Penn State player have been dropped. No, this is not a repeat. This time it's Tyrell Sales, cited last Saturday for hollerating, and charges have now poof disappeared. This follows a long line of exorbitant Penn State charges that haven't even come close to sticking, which just goes to show what happens when you hire Fericito as your attorney general. The Big Board will reflect the adjustment, assuming it was ever changed in the first place.

Did you have a good day with your bracket?: Yes, so did everybody else. It's not like you had Georgia in the Elite 8 or any... oh God, you did, didn't you. It's okay, you didn't need that money. Your wife can live off canned food for a while.