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This is Stillwater. It's in the northern part of Oklahoma. Oklahoma State plays there. Amarillo Lubbock**, the home of Texas Tech, is scarcely farther south.

Naturally, the two schools have agreed to start playing their games in... wait for it... Dallas. Because really, why make one fanbase travel hundreds of miles a year when you can make both instead?

Of course, there is the fact that more people live in Dallas than the entire state of Oklahoma* and there's probably as many fans of each team in Dallas as there are in their home cities, but still, Dallas is not, how you say, close. Stillwater is 266 miles away, and that's the closer of the two cities; it's about 100 more miles from Amarillo Lubbock.***

So the question is, dear readers, if the UGA-UF game in Jacksonville is the world's largest jorts cocktail party, what would OSU-TT in Dallas be called?

*I did zero research to back this up and it may be false, but it sounds like a good point.
**whoops a daisy.