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This is a non-football but busy time of year, meaning it's only half bad, since non-football and non-busy usually winds up in lots of irresponsible consumer spending on things involving gunpowder, sharpened knives, defenseless animals, and over-the-counter drugs easily converted into harder drugs. Then, you combine these elements into a fascinating carnival of fun that lasts until your neighbors start minding the smell/getting suspicious/call the police, resulting in a week-long standoff. Again.

So, the busy part.

1. We have an interview with Ric Flair today. Feeling: WOOOOOOO!!!

2. We have an actual interview with an actual coach on Monday. Double WOOOOOOOO!!!

3. We're posting from the SEC tournament today, and have learned that Tennessee fans can boo very loudly indoors, too.

4. We have a request: we want to interview Baghead. Yes, this Baghead:

The man responsible for has vanished into obscurity, and we'd like to talk to him. That request comes with the promise of complete anonymity, and the understanding that we are not him, and therefore will not just write up an interview with ourselves. For definitive proof, consider this slice of life from the archives of the blog:

My TENNESSEE SUCKS shirt will have to hit the closet for another long year. At least my fiance will be happy. She thinks I look like a redneck in it anyway.

We've been married for ten years, first. Second, TCOAN would applaud such as shirt as proper dinner wear.

Enjoy your weekend, and Baghead! Holla at your blogger!