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Guys named Bowden cutting players may run in the family:

After FSU played in the Music City Bowl in December Geoff returned to Tallahassee and mentally prepared to endure the physically grueling spring workouts, which include mat drills and a strict weight room regimen, as well as his final semester as an undergraduate student. After the first day of mat drills he was called up to Coach Bobby Bowden's office for a meeting with him. Coach Bowden explained that he was “surprised to see Geoff” at the 5 am mat drill because he was “under the impression that he was not to returning for his fifth year”, information he received from Trickett. After beating around the bush and looking like a fool who has know idea about decisions that are made for his own football team, he finally told Geoff that due to a "number crunch" he would not be receiving his fifth year of scholarship eligibility.

Nick Saban, another oversigner of recruits, has two medical hardships pending for the Crimson Tide this spring. Both appear to be on the level.