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Stan Brock has Army going places, people, if only for what he claims not to know.

So Brock will run the option, right? The coach didn't bite.

When jokingly asked if he would use a West Coast offense, Brock said, "What's a West Coast offense?"

Not knowing the West Coast offense given the performance of the WC system in the college ranks may be a resume line all by itself, but Brock is of course joking. He and the other Army coaches spent "50 hours" reinventing Army's flatlined offense, an attack totalling 19 TDs in 12 games. (Yes...give it a minute...correct. That's the opposite of good for an offense.) Brock talked extensively with ex-Army coach Jim Young, an option coach who got Army to three bowls, an achievement that should make you feel very, very bad for not knowing who Young was in the first place.

Now put on your beanies, grab a swig of bathtub gin, and hop in the jalopy for some vintage Army option in the Army/ND game from 1946. Huzzah, and death to Tojo!

Um...why are they playing "Anchors Aweigh" in the background?