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Again, if you get political about this, we'll kill you all with a cattle gun. We were watching CNN's story on Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern, who thinks that homosexuality is a bigger threat to the United States than "Islam or terrorism," when we spotted NCAA sports gear during the "let's interview the twanging commoners" portion of the story.

The woman's nothing remarkable, and doesn't say anything totally guffaw-worthy like "Gays shouldn't be allowed to eat flatmeats off mah plates" or anything; she just says that the woman does have a right to free speech. We have a right to free speech, too, and would like to say that whatever sex ninja moves she knows must be spectacular, because she's married the sexiest man in the Central Time Zone. Hellooooooooooo, Mr. Earp...

This puts Auburn well ahead of Florida and Ohio State, two schools whose gear was featured in a tasing and the world's greatest incident of public masturbation ever, respectively.

(BTW, if you do watch the CNN clip, the only clear and present danger to our national security we see is Sally Kern's hair. GAY BURRRRRNNNN!!!)