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Thematically Appropriate Song of the Day: "Who Let These Hoes In My Room," in honor of Elliot Spitzer.

Be sure to stick around for the appearance of Bill O'Reilly at the end.

Hey, Joe...this "friend" of mine is considering retirement. Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Joe Paterno's friend "Moe" is considering figuring out eventually how to kind of do this retirement thing he's been hearing about...we mean, um, that "Moe" has been hearing about.

"He was asking me 'Why?' and 'Who?' and 'How?' " Tiller said during a telephone interview. "He didn't really tip his hand. But he did ask me 'Who's this guy?' and 'Why did I like him?' and 'Why now?' and those types of things.

"He didn't say, 'I'm thinking about this or I've got to do this.' But, after it had been announced, he seemed to be curious."

That Moe is a sly one! Meaning "Moe" is for the first time in a while seriously considering retirement, if Tiller's not just reaching down into his big bag of crazy and oatmeal and pulling this out of it. (HT: Fanblogs.)

Condolences to Howard Schnellenberger, whose 48 year old son Stephen died of endocrine cancer. Read the Miami Herald article on Steven to get a picture of someone who sounds like an extremely tough person.

The Comcast/Big Ten Network War is Over. Kiss any dame in the street you care to, sailors! Huzzah, your boys are coming home from the great Comcast/ Big Ten Network War at last, clothed in victory and teeming with foreign microbes! Remember their valiant struggles in the editorial pages of the Fort Wayne Gazette, or their solemn sacrifices in the great memo tiff of 2007! Oh, happy day! Rhubarb pies and chocolate malts for everyone, except daddy who gets to guzzle scotch and cry because he had flat feet and had to stay behind and endure the shame of banging everyone else's deserted wives! HUZZAH!

Bears Necessity has your Pac-10 helmet schedule for 2008.

Les Miles still doesn't know exactly how much he's going to get paid, but everyone else in Louisiana has been waiting for checks of undisclosed sums and arrival date for years now, so he's in good company. (Except for Lil Wayne, who's already "Got his check from FEMA, time to buy some co-cay-ee-nah.")