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America's largest stadium belongs to Penn State now, thanks to litigious various-plegics. Now Michigan fans can finally point out to who was screaming "DOWN IN FRONT" all those years, though, so that much has been solved. (Oh, and if you have full use of your legs and arms and are still screaming this, we will personally smack the prints off our hands using your face for the abrasive surface.)

Wheelchair accessible seats, which take up 12 times as much room as normal seats, will be added as part of a plan adopted by Michigan officials in order to settle a lawsuit by the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America. The ramps and seating will be added as part of the contested $226 million dollar stadium expansion involving luxury box addition, etc, and will not therefore be too big of a deal in terms of construction.

Where it does bite: the title of America's Most Bigassin-est Stadium. This honor, because of the reduction of seating, now belongs to Beaver Stadium at Penn State, which holds a 107,282 to 106,201 advantage over the Big House. Neyland Stadium in Tennessee would blow both of these out of the water if only officials would give up their quixotic attempt to prohibit the use of tree stands on the light poles at the stadium.

No, Rusty! Don't shoot Tebow, you'll only git him angry!

HT: In the Bleachers.