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The Curious Index and the CFBA announcement for Best Prose will be along shortly, but first: WOOOOOO!!! Remember that taiiiihme you punched the teeth outta ya mouth to show them Gators how tough you were?


Squidbillies: made by Georgians who know what they're talking about here. If that "Gator Hator" hat isn't sitting atop the heads of some bloody-mouthed UGA fans next season looking for their teeth on the ground, we'll be sorely, sorely disappointed in you all, sirs and madams. But you do know that in a name-calling war based on redneck cred, Georgia loses in a smoking heap to Florida, right? We've got so much more than just the Duck Head-wearing nouveau-riche Panic crowd and the oceans of starchy white trash that Georgia has to offer: switchblade wielding gel-freaks from Miami, bland transplanted midwesterners from Orlando, stoner surfer rednecks from Melbourne, Jacksonville tattoo guys still rocking the Durst fat pants, shot-guzzling Fiero drivers from Tampa, displaced Jerseyites who leave fake tanner residue on white couches...we've really got it all. The army of trash Florida can assemble is simply unparalleled.

We're nastily diverse with it. Early's head would be spinning.