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We're extremely late on this, so we have to double up and dash out two awards at once. Andiamo!

Best SEC Blog, Runner-up: Dawg Sports. Again: the leading policy wonk and brief writer of the SEC blog world deserves all of the kudos you care to heave his way. However, he suffered a narrow defeat to the Vols, just as his team did this year.

And the winner is.... The papa....The Papa! Joel of Rocky Top Talk takes the crown in the SEC this year. No one spans a greater range of core competencies in blogging, a resume line that while worth hundreds of cents in real life is most definitely worth at least $583.92 on the blogosphere. Don't laugh--that's certainly worth more than this site, laughing laugher-type person laughing at that.

Joel's quick with the stats, comprehensive but not a bludgeon with the numbers, armed with a subtle but sardonic wit, and is an absolute monster with the Flash animation. Early adopter does not begin to describe him: if it's a widget, gadget, thingamabob, or other new wrinkle, it will appear on RTT in hours, not days. A constant tinkerer from the MNC Races to his willingness to dive in headfirst on products with bearded lunatics, he's the most dangerous of dangerous people: the quiet one no one sees coming. For that and more, we salute you, Joel. Salut!

Double up: The MNC.

Runner-up: MGoBlog. CFB's frostiest blogger: stats, icy wit, and the best hair beard combo to get a person interrogated at any local airport of your choosing. MGoBlog could have easily won this award, were it not for....

Sunday Morning Quarterback. We already lauded him in an earlier post, but this but be mentioned again: There is no other writer on college football who comes close. Any other praise heaped on him would make us seem a little gay, and that's fine, because we're a little gay for SMQ and his indispensable writing. We'll wear sleeveless tees and call you awesome all day, man.

Your makes it work!

Head over to Joel's house to admire his shiny trophy and hear the winner of the People's Champ Award around 6ish.