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At long last: The CFBAs. We blame the Writer's Strike. And the lastest Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And anything else we can grab as an excuse for the delay of the long-awaited, much-ballyhooed, and railgun-awesome College Football Bloggers Awards. (Seriously: Railguns are completely awesome. The day they make a pocket edition, we're there with cash in hand.)

How awesome? Railgun awesome.

The schedule, kept as tightly as people making this shit up off the top of their head can keep it:

We're autoscheduling ours, the only hope we have of actually getting the things out on time. Check them all: there are many glorious time-killers on the internet, but truly glorious time-killing takes an exceptional degree of skill and creativity, and we like to recognize that truly exceptional skill when they can. Sometimes, the piles of blogging cash and supple flesh of blog-groupies are not enough, people.

Cockfight! What can possibly equal the excitement of a good live cockfight? We can't think of a better way to spend a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning in Columbia, SC, than making movies, singing songs, and foightin' round the world. Neither can redshirt freshman Kevin Young of the South Carolina Gamecocks, who earns two points for SCAR (as they're denoted on many scoreboards) for a tussle outside Red Hot Tomatoes in the Five Points district. For extra style points consideration: Young hasn't played a down for the Gamecocks yet.

Ara Parseghian isn't dead. In addition to this surprising news (wooooo SEC insularity!), he's also paying attention:

"It defies a logical explanation," said Parseghian, 84. "Apparently after winning 19 games and losing six in two years, the rebuilding process didn't quite measure up. The schedule is not quite as difficult this year, so I think they'll make a rebound."

Know your concussions. Conquest Chronicles has your concussion briefing ready for you. If you're reading it with a concussion, you might be the quarterback for the UCLA Bruins!

Bye, Gator. Good night to friend of the blog Juan Vazquez, whose funeral we attended this weekend. His 1994 student ID got us into the Florida student section without having to pay upgrades on ticket prices, he could grow a full beard in two days, and he was a fine tailgating partner who earned the nickname "Genghis Juan" fair and square. Rest in peace, lawya.