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CFBAs 2007-2008: THE JOB AWARD

The CFBAs roll on through today and tomorrow.

We now present the Job Award. This is given to the website that, when served a shit souffle this year, cracked out the silverware without hesitation and did so with as much dignity and charm as possible. Without further fecal/culinary parallels...

The Job Award: Why, Football Gods, have you forsaken me?

For you, sir: the heaps of ashes, the losses to crap teams.

The Runner Up: Card Chronicle. Endured the agonies of being Kragthorp'd with humor, well-spoken anger, and wit.

And our winner is...

Corn Nation. Faced the slow disintegration of the Bill Callahan era and the creeping pallor of doom with admirable honesty, never forgetting the only thing that can really help you in times of trouble: a bitchin' sense of humor, as evidenced by their inclusion of this image when wondering about Bill Callahan's future employment.

It amounted to a De Profundis every football fan could feel in their teeth, a testament to fan despair and irrational hope that made for essential reading in 2007. Judging from their writing on Pelini, 2008 will have them in the running for happier awards, too.