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For best photoshop, two predictable choices emerge. No surprises, mind you--it's a small but fanatically dedicated field--but two fine, fine choices for our recognized motherFarkers of the year are represented. We think you will agree that in their field, these two represent the distortion of reality, cheap shots at reputation, and visual genius you've come to expect from Farktopialand.

Runner-up: Mr2Cents. Florida's finest had numerous contributions worth mentioning, but when you can just tell someone something in your head, send them an email, and they do this, you're dealing with mutant talent.


Now, for the winner of the CFBA for Best Photoshop...

LSUFreek's Fark of the Covenant. LSUFreek went bonkers this year, but his John Coltrane 20 minute mindbending solo of the gods happened on the Fark of the Covenant thread. What began as a Tiger-taunting thread of Vol-arity on Smash South Sports became a platform for LSUFreek to go meth-wild with the Photoshop stick: a nearly 11 page assault culminating in the crowd turning and pulling for the away team at the end that became known as the "Fark of the Covenant."

You should sample the whole thing, but the choicest include:

Remember: these are all from one thread. LSUFreek outpaced the universe this year--we'll be mining his accomplishments for years. Well done, sir. We fear what you will come up with next, sir.