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We're heading to Florida for the weekend, so Holly and Peter will be taking the helm for the rest of the day. You're in capable hands.

Justin Willis causes internet/media dissonance. Read the Dallas Morning-News, and it sounds sterile and manageable enough, really:

Record-setting quarterback Justin Willis and safety Bryce Hudman have been suspended from the SMU football program for violation of team rules.

They will not go through spring practice, which begins Monday under new coach June Jones.

"There has to be accountability," Jones said. "You're supposed to be taking care of business."

Standard stuff for new coaches coming in and wanting to establish order by knocking heads around a bit, right? Sure. Willis will probably be back, a good thing since Willis set school records for yardage with 3,643 yards last year, and could have massive potential in June Jones' unreformed version of the run 'n shoot.

Or, if you go the message board route, he could be gone and transferring: SMU message boards have Wiliis with a cleaned-out locker and mentions of transfer flying around. Jones did, as the DMN mentions subtly, boot Hawaii's top running back and defensive player off the team after his arrival there.

Mississippi State: sip from the serve, SKURR!!! Are you DUI, hardly ever caught sober? Then you might be Mississippi State linebacker Jamon Hughes, suspended from spring practice for a DUI arrest that earns Miss. State 2 points in the Fulmer Cup. Hughes also received citations for driving with an expired tag, no proof of insurance and with violating the state seat belt law, meaning he was really just a total hot mess behind the wheel that night.

Did somebody call for a bitch? Patrick has the inside track on the Kelvin Sampson story, and we've got ten reasons to be very happy that February is one made-up stupid day away from dying.

Boise State gets a chance to win their first road game against a BCS opponent this year at Oregon. The Broncos go to Eugene on September 20th, early in the season and a good time to hit any team, but especially one prone to making drastic uniform choices resulting in embarrassing losses.

We talked with NowLive yesterday, and EDSBS Live lives. Hopefully, Sunday we'll have a show up and running: 7:00 p.m. EST, if the wheels don't fall off the thing.