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Good: Fighting on Bourbon Street. Better: Fighting poorly on Bourbon Street. Best: getting shoved around by a tiny little UGA girl after getting repeatedly pwned by a Georgia fan who tosses you to the ground several times in a row.

(We opted, per a request, to take this video down. In its place, we give you the underwater fight scene from Top Secret. Apologies.)

The Auburn fan in questions baffles us: he doesn't throw a punch, doesn't really even attempt to fight, doesn't even really attempt to score. Oh, wait, he's just internalized Al Borges' 2007 offense. That answers all of our questions nicely. (DAMMIT THREE POINTS! THREE FUCKING POINTS! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR, CRUEL GOD?)

Arizona State is looking to extend the contract of Dennis Erickson with a one-year contract extension, meaning that they not only understand Dennis Erickson's talent as a coach, they also understand his attention span. If they're especially wise, they'll have little fidgety things like Kooshes and stress balls all over the table when they begin negotiations.

TCU is so banged-up they're moving practice back to give people time to heal. This may happen to EDSBS after we go to cover the first weekend of mad wagering in Las Vegas for the NCAA tourney, since caffeine+alcohol+blogging+gambling+the city that sleep forgot=multiple possible sprains of the ACL, medulla oblongata, and soul.

Picture Me Rollin' looks at 40 times in the combine by conference and comes to a conclusion about the Crimson Tide in recent years: they're quantifiably slower than other SEC teams.

Finally, EDSBS Live is not dead. We're just learning how to use the new NowLive interface today, and getting all three people in the same place to do so is a challenge indeed. Your weekly dose of high-end profanity and football will return shortly, with all-new fresh added suck and rank amateurism.